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Cutting edge treatments are delivering remarkable rejuvenating  results ….  such as lifting the face…

without the surgical facelift !

ULTHERAPY  high-intensity focused ultrasound can firm the neck, eliminate jowls, restore the

” apple cheeks ” associated with youth, and arch the eyebrows in a very  flattering way …

with no downtime , no anesthesia, no surgery, and less cost than surgical procedures.

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We are all getting ” older ” from a chronologic point of view,
but did you know that you can markedly slow down the
aging of your cells ?

And… you can even slow down the aging of your cells in
many ways that we can measure !

So what are some of the simpler changes that a person
could make which would impact their cellular aging
and the years of their lives untroubled with chronic
diseases? ( Because we all know that it’s not much of
a benefit to live longer if we are suffering with multiple
painful and disabling health conditions. )

First of all, if one is a smoker…I would strongly
recommend that quitting smoking would provide
a very significant benefit toward prevention of chronic
obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema, cardiovascular
disease, hypertension, stroke, asthma, cancers of all kinds,
acquired diabetes mellitus, and skin aging.

Next I would recommend that a person work toward
optimizing their weight. Excess fat, especially the fat
layer surrounding the vital organs, is very damaging
to all organs of the body. Why is this so ?
Answer: Part of the answer to this question is just
common sense. If a person increases his total body
volume of fat ….. did the heart increase its capacity
to pump blood to that extra tissue? Did the liver
ramp up its detoxification potential to service this additional
fat layer? Did the kidneys find a way to do more work
to cleanse the blood of the additional waste products
produced by this excess fat tissue? Is the bone marrow
and immune system able to add more capacity by forming
more white blood cells, macrophages,and anti-tumor
antibodies to seek out and destroy invading bacteria,
viruses, fungi, and cancer cells( which all of us are
forming all of the time ) ????

Are our vital organs able to do all of this extra work

without suffering more rapid aging and damage?
Of course…the answer to all of these questions is…
NO !

But that’s not ALL that is in play here…

It turns out that recent research studies have revealed
that this deep layer of visceral fat accumulation is also
functioning as a rogue ” endocrine ” organ !
This means that this tissue is secreting cytokines which
influence hormone production throughout the body
and also is affecting many complex systems of
intracellular and intercellular message signaling !


SO …we must control this visceral fat buildup in order
to prevent the onset of chronic diseases!

At ACHIEVE WEIGHT MANAGEMENT… we are here to assist
you in your quest to get trimmer, healthier, and more energized so that you can fully enjoy your years ahead !

Give us a call at 859-431-5673 to see how we
can slow down the aging process for you !

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What are chemical peels, and how can they improve the appearance of skin ?

A chemical peel employs a skin application  of an agent which causes the shedding, ( exfoliation ), of the

outer layers of the skin. Depending upon the concentration of the chemical peeling agent, a very superficial peeling

can occur … or … a deeper exfoliation could result.

The mildest chemical peeling agents are acids derived from fruits. These are the types of  peeling treatments

that one could expect to receive from an aesthetician at a salon. They can provide some skin refinement, but to

obtain more dramatic skin improvements, more concentrated skin peeling  applications are required.

Since  there are many types of skin-it is best to consult with an experienced professional who is accustomed to

working with all skin types in order to receive the best results from your skin peeling procedure program.


What kinds of skin problems can be improved with medical depth chemical peels ?

These stronger chemical peels can be performed on the face, on the neck, in the breast cleavage area ,

or can be employed to help rejuvenate the appearance of the hands.

Medical depth chemical peels can help improve the appearance of :

–  Active inflammatory acne

–  Acne scars

–  Brown spots and patches from excessive sun damage

–  Freckling

–  Dark patches  resulting from the hormonal swings of pregnancy ( chloasma ),

and also the superficial brown pigmented patches from birth control pills ( melasma ).

–  Fine lines,  ” eggshell ”  crackled , crepey skin texture, enlarged pores, rough texture, and dull , thickened

skin  issues can also be improved with moderate -depth chemical peel programs.

Since medical depth chemical peels remove the dead, keratinized, outer layers of the skin… the fresh, soft,

radiant, and glowing ” baby skin ” is revealed following treatment with medical depth chemical peels !


Which people would be likely to receive benefits from a medical depth chemical peel ?

People with fair skin and light-colored hair are the ideal candidates for medical grade chemical peels.

But people who have  darker hair and medium skin tones can also be good candidates for these treatments,

but they may be advised to treat their skin with a physician-prescribed prepping regimen before

having the skin peeling procedure. This skin preparation can help reduce the likelihood of of the client

showing an exuberant pigmentation response after the peeling procedure , which then may require a

period of skin bleaching cream applications for several weeks. However, people who have these skin

types prone to excessive pigment production can also experience these annoying effects from laser skin



How are chemical peels performed ?

The skin is thoroughly cleansed, and prepared for the peeling agent application in the doctor’s treatment suite.

The doctor then carefully applies the skin peeling agent, and when the correct depth of skin reactivity is achieved,

the peeling solution is neutralized , and a cooling , soothing , anti-aging facial treatment follows.


What will the client experience during the peeling procedure ?

There will be a slight heating effect in the skin, followed by a slight to moderate stinging sensation which lasts

no more than 5-10 minutes. Then the skin peeling agent is neutralized , and the discomfort is relieved.


Will I need to do anything to prepare for my medical depth skin peeling procedure ?

Depending upon your particular skin type, the depth of the chemical peel that is planned, and also upon

any medications you may be taking on an ongoing basis, some additional skin  preparation may be recommended

for you to receive your best result. Dr. Silver will counsel you about any specific issues that  you may need to


If you are instructed to use a preventative skin preparation treatment, you should start applying that lotion daily

two weeks before the day of  your skin peeling procedure.

If you will need antiviral treatment , ( recommended for those who have experienced facial or lip ” fever blisters”,

” cold sores” , or herpes viral outbreaks in the past ), then you should start taking your antiviral  medication

24 hours before your chemical peeling procedure.


How will the treated skin feel after the procedure, and how will I look ?

The skin will feel dry and taut , with possibly some very slight discomfort one might experience after

a sunburn. A few days later, the treated areas will turn a bronze-tan color, and this phase is soon followed by

active peeling of the skin. The vigorous peeling occurs 5-10 days after the procedure, depending upon one’s

skin type, the depth of the peel, and the rapidity of healing in a given individual.

The skin which is revealed after the dead layers have been shed is smoother, glowing, and radiant , with dark spots

appearing lighter or eliminated, and skin textural irregularities softened. The ” baby skin ” will also be more

sensitive to sun exposure, so a sunscreen preparation with static and photoactive agents will be recommended for

your protection by Dr. Silver.


Will I need more than one chemical peeling session ?

Most clients can benefit from a series of chemical peeling procedures performed on a once-twice monthly basis

for  a series of 3-5 sessions in order to obtain optimal results.

Those who  would like to achieve the very best anti-aging effects, can  have medical depth peels  every three months

for the most radiant , glowing, youthful -appearing complexions !



The GODDESS peel is a medium depth , medical peel which is used either singly or as part of a series of 5 peeling

sessions .  Salicylic acid is used in this peel , so clients who are allergic to aspirin should not have this peel.


The ATHENA  peel is a deeper medical peel , which is used in the breast cleavage area as part of a series of

3 peeling sessions.


Please call our office for a free private consultation, to see if these treatments are right for you !



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