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Cutting edge treatments are delivering remarkable rejuvenating  results ….  such as lifting the face…

without the surgical facelift !

ULTHERAPY  high-intensity focused ultrasound can firm the neck, eliminate jowls, restore the

” apple cheeks ” associated with youth, and arch the eyebrows in a very  flattering way …

with no downtime , no anesthesia, no surgery, and less cost than surgical procedures.

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We are all getting ” older ” from a chronologic point of view,
but did you know that you can markedly slow down the
aging of your cells ?

And… you can even slow down the aging of your cells in
many ways that we can measure !

So what are some of the simpler changes that a person
could make which would impact their cellular aging
and the years of their lives untroubled with chronic
diseases? ( Because we all know that it’s not much of
a benefit to live longer if we are suffering with multiple
painful and disabling health conditions. )

First of all, if one is a smoker…I would strongly
recommend that quitting smoking would provide
a very significant benefit toward prevention of chronic
obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema, cardiovascular
disease, hypertension, stroke, asthma, cancers of all kinds,
acquired diabetes mellitus, and skin aging.

Next I would recommend that a person work toward
optimizing their weight. Excess fat, especially the fat
layer surrounding the vital organs, is very damaging
to all organs of the body. Why is this so ?
Answer: Part of the answer to this question is just
common sense. If a person increases his total body
volume of fat ….. did the heart increase its capacity
to pump blood to that extra tissue? Did the liver
ramp up its detoxification potential to service this additional
fat layer? Did the kidneys find a way to do more work
to cleanse the blood of the additional waste products
produced by this excess fat tissue? Is the bone marrow
and immune system able to add more capacity by forming
more white blood cells, macrophages,and anti-tumor
antibodies to seek out and destroy invading bacteria,
viruses, fungi, and cancer cells( which all of us are
forming all of the time ) ????

Are our vital organs able to do all of this extra work

without suffering more rapid aging and damage?
Of course…the answer to all of these questions is…
NO !

But that’s not ALL that is in play here…

It turns out that recent research studies have revealed
that this deep layer of visceral fat accumulation is also
functioning as a rogue ” endocrine ” organ !
This means that this tissue is secreting cytokines which
influence hormone production throughout the body
and also is affecting many complex systems of
intracellular and intercellular message signaling !


SO …we must control this visceral fat buildup in order
to prevent the onset of chronic diseases!

At ACHIEVE WEIGHT MANAGEMENT… we are here to assist
you in your quest to get trimmer, healthier, and more energized so that you can fully enjoy your years ahead !

Give us a call at 859-431-5673 to see how we
can slow down the aging process for you !

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Is Pasta a Healthy or Unhealthy dinner entree ?

Should we…or shouldn’t we …choose pasta for dinner?

Since most of us are trying to keep our weight in bounds, we need to know whether pasta selections

are compatible with healthy eating,  or not.

Well, the answer to that question depends upon several different factors .

First, what type of grain was used to make the pasta ?

Second, what sauce is planned to be served with the pasta?

Third, what other toppings are applied to the sauce-covered pasta ?

Fourth, what portion size of the completed entree will be used ?

The type of grain which makes up the pasta is very important because most pasta noodles are produced

from refined durum wheat flour. And this type of flour has been stripped of much of the valuable nutrients

the wheat contained, as part of the milling process. So what all was lost from milling the wheat grains

to make this flour ?…Answer…   Soluble and insoluble fibers, B vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids !

The fiber can provide satiety to help one feel “full”, and it also influences the species of bacteria within the

intestine to assist in propagation of “healthy ” and beneficial bacterial populations instead of ” unhealthy “,

inflammation-provoking bacterial species.

The B- vitamins and minerals are needed catalysts for  energy-releasing cellular metabolic processes, and the

essential  fatty acids assist in mobilization of deep belly fat.

So… selecting a whole grain pasta in place of refined durum wheat flour pasta makes a huge

difference in the overall nutritional analysis.

1 cup of whole grain pasta contains 4.1 grams of soluble fiber, and 2.2 grams of insoluble fiber, for

a total of 6.3 grams of fiber.  Compare these figures with a 1 cup serving of refined durum wheat ( white )

penne pasta which supplies a mere 2 grams total fiber content .

Many scientific studies have demonstrated that people who consume more high fiber type foods from whole

grains have a 37% lower risk of developing metabolic syndrome, a pre-diabetic condition. High fiber foods

also help cut  ” bad ” cholesterol levels and triglycerides, which can help to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Now we will review the nutritional attributes of various pasta sauces.

Tomato-based sauces are very healthy, since they are low fat, and contain meaningful amounts of the cancer-

preventive phytonutrient , lycopene. They also contain substantial concentrations of the vitamin A precursor,beta carotene.

Pesto sauces , made by combining pureed fresh basil leaves, extra-virgin olive oil, and parmesan cheese

are also full of beneficial antioxidants and protein.

But cream-based pasta sauces, such as Alfredo sauce, can be very high in calories due to the fat content.

And…since cream and some cheeses commonly used in Alfredo sauce are also full of cholesterol andother

saturated fats, they are potentially damaging to arteries …as well as one’s waistline.

Pasta entree toppings can be very healthy …such as in the case of the very high protein, low fat grated

parmesan cheese used on tomato-based sauces, and also the pine nuts applied to the basil pesto sauce

in the classic ” pasta with pesto sauce” entree.

But toppings of  grated, full -fat dairy  cheeses can contain a huge amount of  fat and calories.

So …read those nutritional blocks on the packaging to find out the details about the ingredients in your

pasta dishes.

Lastly, with regard to the matter of portion sizes…. an appropriate portion of a pasta entree should

resemble the volume of a person’s hand , when clenched into a fist. Remember, the pasta item is

not the whole meal, but just part of a healthy meal. Starting your Italian dinner with a dinner plate

covered with raw green leafy salad , laced with a tablespoon of  vinaigrette dressing, will allow

you to feel satisfied with a smaller portion of the pasta entree…thereby cutting your fat intake

and calorie consumptionSo we don’t need to shun pasta dishes….we simply need to adjust the

ingredients to create a healthier meal option.


Ciao !

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